Our Commitment to Sustainability

Welcome to Fistral Retreat, the south-west’s first all-electric and solar-powered residential park home community.

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Planning a "Net Zero Carbon" Future

At Fistral Retreat, we’re committed to sustainability. Our homes are designed with eco-friendly features that help reduce your carbon footprint while enhancing your comfort. From energy-efficient appliances to sustainable building materials, we’re dedicated to creating homes that are as kind to the environment as they are luxurious.

Communal Smart Grid

Our ground-breaking initiative has led to the installation of a communal smart grid system. This means that energy is stored in batteries and shared among residents, fostering a supportive and eco-friendly community. Each of our homes is equipped with its own solar panels connected to the grid system and have the option of EV chargers, offering residents the convenience of vehicle charging at home.

Each home benefits from an 300% efficient air source heat pump heating system providing all year round savings on hot water and heating.

Omar Ikon - Fireplace

Modern and Efficient

For all this we don’t compromise on comfort or luxury. Our state-of-the-art sustainable technologies ensure that you can enjoy day to day life while caring for the environment. Energy-efficient electric appliances are standard in all our homes, providing an eco-conscious lifestyle without sacrificing quality or ease.

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Comfort and Elegance

Enjoy the comfort and elegance of our contemporary park homes, knowing that each has been built to the highest residential standards – a world where luxury meets sustainability.

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A Life by the Sea

Head to the beach, enjoy the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore, the salty sea air filling your lungs, and panoramic views of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

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The Perfect Base

Designed to appeal to discerning couples and singles, in or approaching retirement, Fistral Retreat offers a peaceful, safe and luxurious lifestyle in a modern environment.

Experience the blend of luxury coastal living and environmental stewardship at Fistral Retreat, where nature becomes your home.

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